life considered
in words, sketches
and music

as recorded by

andrew sterling Andrew Sterling

I hope, of course, this site will be found to be deeply affirming. But if not, then I suspect it will challenge.

Have a look round and respond if you wish (see 'blog' page).

aim of the site

  1. To illustrate the inherent nature of fulfillment, rather than in having, doing or wanting.
  2. To archive some of the resulting output, in several areas, of that understanding. 

how to use the site

I hope it will be used randomly and dipped into, including within each area - it’s the way I work: intuitively.  It is hoped this will be the means by which a whole perspective builds. The ‘welcome tree’ represents this approach, the different areas being part of the whole.  

(A ‘whole picture’ perspective understands that contemporary crises stem from disconnectedness and incoherence of life today).

The site is being updated, added to and edited regularly: revisit to find new and changed content.  (Follow-up material is posted on

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Background in brief

A greater fluency in musical improvising and extemporising (particularly as a teenage church organist) took over a certain ability in art.  Won regional composing competition judged by Michael Tippett.  Graduate of the Guildhall School of Music (1968).  Double scholarship in composition and piano. Studied with Edmund Rubbra, French Government scholarship to the Paris Conservatiore (1969).  Studied composition with Olivier Messiaen.   Worked with the Quaker International Centre during the Paris riots.

Help set up residents association on new Brixton housing estate (1971) and formed my first multi-style band.  Freelance musician employing extemporising and reading abilities - accompanying, recording, conducting, arranging, ballet repetiteur, private functions.  Lived on boats for 27 years.  Prefer motorbikes to cars (currently BMW R1200RT towing a trailer). Created a number of concert ensembles to play a range of music, including originals, some sponsored by the lottery, local councils and the Arts Council.  Concerts in theatres, universities, my own barge, Jubillee Hall Aldeburgh, Cafe Consort (Royal Albert Hall).  Currently engaged in solo performances and recording. (fuller biog. details on the performance site click here).   


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Relax, It Doesn't Matter - Life Isn't Stupid!

This section is probably the backbone of this site. 

Reading it builds the perspective out of which the other activities have resulted.   Its loose stucture, like jottings in a scrapbook, itself expresses that perspective which builds just by randomly dipping into it.  Yet it is also built to be read linearly which progressively builds up the same picture and outlook.